Tether pris är kr8.417.

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Tether pris är kr8.417 med ett marknadsvärde på kr305.58 B. Priset har förändrats -0.42% ner de senaste 24 timmarna.

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PSA: Forged documents are circulating online purporting to be between @tether_to personnel and reps of Deltec Bank & Trust and others. The documents are bogus. 1/5

🎉 Tether now has a $35B market cap!

🚀 #Tether added an additional $14B to its market cap since January 2021. This is more than all other stablecoins current market caps combined.

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Tether & @Bitfinex have reached a settlement with @NewYorkStateAG. After 2.5 years and 2.5M pages of info shared, we admit to no wrongdoing and will pay US$18.5M to resolve this matter. 1/3

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