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#TRON has a very robust infrastructure support.

The diversification of the assets on top of TRON is tremendous.
#TronNetwork #TRX #TRONICS

We'll be adding support for TRC20 based Ethereum to Bitrue starting tomorrow at 10:00 UTC. You'll be able to withdraw any from of $ETH you wish, regardless of the form you deposited. @Tronfoundation @justinsuntron #TRX #ETH #Defi

.@DeFi_JUST platforms #JustSwap and #JustLend, #SUN will be launching #TRON CENTURY MINING!⚒️

⏰March 8th, 21:00-June 7th 20:59 (SGT)
🗓️ Initial Mine: March 8th, 21:00-April 5th 20:59 (SGT)

The decentralized derivatives are important in #DeFi ecosystem, it needs a very robust #USDT as a settlement. If you build DeFi protocol in layer one solutions other than #TRON, they won’t have enough USDT assets to provide the support to your project in the first place.

#CreationStories 😍

@justinsuntron @Tronfoundation @WINkorg777 @defi_sunio @DeFi_JUST @TRON_Persian @BitTorrent #TRONICS #tronbull

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