Best Bitcoin Wallet

Looking for the best Bitcoin wallet? There are many different wallets with varying security and user experience. The Bitcoin wallet you choose for your crypto currencies should be easy to use and secure. The easiest way is to trade Bitcoins on one of our reviewed marketplaces. 

We help you compare Bitcoin Wallets and choose a good Bitcoin Wallet. A wallet that works not only with Bitcoin but with all your crypto currencies. It is quick to order and install a secure Bitcoin wallet. In this beginner's guide, we teach you everything about Bitcoin Wallets. Below is our comparison table to choose the best Bitcoin wallet for you. We answer all your questions in the guide. What is a Bitcoin Wallet? How to store your Bitcoins? How to choose a Bitcoin wallet? How to buy a crypto wallet? Well, it's simple. Just choose one of the ones we reviewed here. Click through to for example Trezor and you will get the best price and guarantees from the manufacturers themselves. 

Best Bitcoin wallet

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  • Store over 1000 currencies
  • Company founded in 2012
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  • Stylish Hard Wallet
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  • The world's largest stock exchange
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  • Very low fees
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  • Top class Wallets
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use

How to store your Bitcoins

How do you keep your Bitcoins safe? Whichever Bitcoin wallet you use, you need to know the following:

  • Do not share your private key with anyone - When you use an online Bitcoin wallet, you allow a third party to protect your private key. But if you are going to store crypto currencies, always use cold storage.
  • Never store large sums on a software/online wallet - It is important that your Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are kept safe. An online wallet and software wallet are not secure enough for large sums. All Bitcoin wallets connected to the internet are vulnerable to malware and hackers.
  • Use a secure Bitcoin w allet - The most secure Bitcoin wallet is a hardware wallet. It is encrypted hardware that is not connected to the internet, also known as cold storage. Your private keys are isolated on a hard drive, protecting your cryptocurrencies from computer viruses and hackers.
  • Always back up your wallet - Since some wallets use internal hidden keys, backing up your private key linked to the public address is not enough. To make sure you can recover your Bitcoin, you need to back up your entire wallet. We recommend ordering a CryptoSteel.
  • Do not keep your wallet and copy in the same place - Once you have backed up your Bitcoin wallet, keep your copy in a different place. Lock it up and don't tell anyone where it is.
  • For maximum security use multiple wallets - We recommend everyone to use multiple Bitcoin wallets to spread the risks. For maximum security, order at least 2 hardware wallets and a metal wallet. A main unit, a backup unit and a metal storage for your recovery password.
Best Bitcoin Wallet

How to choose the Best Bitcoin Wallet?

Bitcoin works like digital cash and you need a wallet to store your money. There are a variety of different types of Bitcoin wallets with different advantages and disadvantages. We help you choose the best Bitcoin wallet for all your crypto currencies in the comparison table on the right.

The purpose of a Bitcoin wallet is to protect your crypto currencies. In other words, security is the most important thing when choosing a wallet. But there are other things that are good to check and compare. To choose the right wallet, look at the following:

  • Popularity - The popularity of a Bitcoin wallet is an important factor for several reasons, not least of which is security. A digital wallet is secure using unique hardware and software. If the wallet is popular and has many users, the software will be updated more frequently. High popularity = high security.
  • Reliability - How reliable is the manufacturer? You should not take unnecessary risks with your money. NOTE! Only buy a Bitcoin Wallet from a reliable manufacturer and well-known company. We update our comparison table regularly. Use it to choose the best Bitcoin wallet.
  • User Experience - Apart from security, what determines our rating most is the user experience. The most important thing is that the Bitcoin wallet is secure. But it must also be easy to use.
  • Cryptocurrencies - Which cryptocurrencies should you keep in your wallet? The popular Bitcoin wallets in the table on the right can store all major cryptocurrencies. This is not something you need to worry about unless it is a small unknown crypto currency.
  • Security - Cryptocurrencies give you more freedom but also more responsibility for security. IMPORTANT! Read this beginner's guide to secure your Bitcoin and avoid common mistakes. For example; Never store crypto currencies on a trading site, buy a secure wallet. Only use a wallet that is unopened and ordered from the company's official website. An opened or used wallet is not safe!
  • Price - All the best Bitcoin wallets in the UK are sold for the same starting price. The price only becomes relevant when you are buying a premium wallet or a package deal. For example, some manufacturers offer more expensive touchscreen wallets and lower prices when you order multiple wallets at the same time. Your crypto currencies are most secure with 2 Bitcoin hardware wallets.

How does a Bitcoin wallet work?

If you want to understand what a Bitcoin wallet is and how it works, this is a short introduction. It's about how public and private keys work. A Bitcoin address can be compared to an email account but this is for digital money. Every Bitcoin address has a public and a private key.

The private key serves as your password to access your crypto account. The public key is used to create your Bitcoin address. With that address, you can send and receive money to your Bitcoin wallet from any crypto exchange to another if you choose to have a wallet with an exchange, or to your own hard wallet.

You can access your email account by logging in through your browser and send and receive emails. Bitcoin works in much the same way. Your private key (your password) gives you access to your Bitcoin address and allows you to store, send and receive Bitcoins, and indeed other cryptocurrencies.

Online wallet (Hot Wallet)

An Online Wallet - Hot Wallet, is exactly what it sounds like. A Bitcoin wallet that is online and connected to the internet.

Your cryptocurrencies are stored here on a crypto exchange such as Binance. Keep in mind that you do not have control over your Bitcoin Wallet, but it is the company that manages the security of your cryptocurrency. It may not be worth storing large amounts of cryptocurrencies here, but it is better to buy another form of wallet for larger amounts. A so-called hardware wallet or hardware wallet.

Hardware wallet (Hardware Wallet)

A hardware wallet is probably the safest option when it comes to storing your Bitcoin. It is a way to safely protect your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. A hardware wallet is similar to a USB stick where you can safely store your private keys. It is a device that is built to keep your cryptocurrency completely safe. But NOTE! If you forget the password to your hardware wallet, you will never be able to access your cryptocurrencies again, so in that sense, hard wallets may not be the safest and best....

To be able to use your Bitcoins, you need to link your Hardware Wallet (e.g. a Trezor wallet) to a computer, mobile or tablet. It can be used via an app together with your phone. It doesn't matter if it's Android or iOS, they work together. The reason why these wallets are more secure is because it's not connected online, so it's not possible to hack it in the same way.

Hard Wallets are safe to use - if you never forget your password - and there are a few choices of wallets to choose from. Never buy a Hard Wallet second hand or that has been opened. There is a high risk that an unknown source has been installed on your hardware wallet, making it a very unsafe choice for your Bitcoin.

Advantages of Bitcoin Hard Wallets:

  • Best way to store your Bitcoin - as long as you don't forget your password
  • You can create backups yourself
  • Less risk of hacking

The main disadvantage of a Bitcoin wallet is that it is not free, as many other options are...and that if you forget your password, all your cryptos are gone.

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