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Kryptovalutaguiden makes the most news about the crypto industry of all media in Sweden. We do not only write Bitcoin news or news from Sweden but write about everything we think is relevant that happens in the crypto world on the planet. Everything from Crypto news in neighboring Norway to relevant NFT news from Japan, South America, USA or mining news from Texas, China, Irkutsk or Kazakhstan. You will find everything you need to know about the crypto world on Kryptovalutaguiden simply. Here below some of the most popular crypto related news categories.

Bitcoin News - read the latest on the world's biggest cryptocurrency
Ethereum News - read all about the world's second biggest cryptocurrency
Cryptoval currency Regulations - keep up with what's happening legally
Crypto funds - latest news about fund savings in cryptocurrency
Crypto News USA - it is as usual in the US everything happens
NFT News - follow all the latest from the NFT world

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